August 13, 2019 @ Northdale Community Center                                                                   

Attendance:  The August meeting had sixty-six (66) members in attendance.

                     Also in attendance were eight (8) guests.



6:30PM           Doors Open.

7:00PM          Tampa Bay Coin Club meeting commenced with the Pledge of Allegiance. President Steve Tercyak opened the meeting.

Secretary Report:  Dennis Misiak read the minutes of the June 2019 meeting.

Treasurer Report:  The Treasurer provided an overview of the financial health of the Tampa Bay Coin Club.



7:10PM           General Discussion


  • The members who had a birthday in July received a Brilliant Uncirculated 1955-D Roosevelt dime (1955 was the year which TBCC was founded). Five (5) members received a coin.


  • Medal Program Update: Forty (40) of the 2019 Florida Keys Overseas Railroad medals remain available for sale. They will be available for purchase by TBCC members at the Monthly General Meeting. Cost is $16.00 per medal.


  • Grading Seminar: An Extra Grading Session will be held on September 17th. Skip Fazzari (ICG) will conduct the class. Participants are encouraged to take advantage of this additional opportunity.
  • Richard Arecas tested video recording of the July meeting. This will be uploaded to the TBCC website for review.



7:15PM           50-50 Raffle:  Proceeds of $150 were collected. Alan Lebeda was the winner of $75.00.  



            Monthly Attendance Drawing: Pat Apel was the winner of the Silver American Eagle in the drawing.







7:20PM-          Educational Presentation:  Mark Trout gave a presentation entitle            d

7:45PM            “Where The Buffalos Roam”. This comprehensive presentation provided member with a chronology of the American Buffalo (Bison) as it appears on various denominations of U.S. coinage, from the Nickel through the Commemorative Silver Dollar.


7:45PM-          Meeting Break

7:55PM –        TBCC Monthly Auction


8:50PM           TBCC Monthly Silver Raffle


9:00PM           Meeting Adjourned