April 11th, Tuesday, 2023 Tampa Bay Coin Club meeting

7:00pm Pres. Al O. started off the meeting

Attendance : 42

Pledge of Allegiance

3 new guest

2 members collected their surprise birthday coins

Pres. Al O. discussed the coming Tampa Bay Coin Show on April 29th

Tracy T gave a nice recognition to our members and everyone else who have

served(Veterans) or who currently serve in the U.S Armed Forces.


Discussion brought up by the members on the NGCX 10 point grading scale,

introduced by NGC grading company, in comparison to the traditional 70 point


scale. NGCX will be for modern coins starting from 1982 – present.


Rick S. read the Secretary’s report

Tracy T. read the Treasurer’s report


50/50 conducted by Rick T. Winner Inge

The Valentin Door Prize winner : Larry G , with a Silver Eagle in box

Auction ended followed by the Silver Coin raffle with a mix of Peace dollars

and Silver Eagle conducted by Alan L. 


8:10pm Raffle ended. Meeting adjourned