March 8 Tuesday, 2022 Tampa Bay Coin Club Meeting

Attendance : 40

7:00pm Pledge of Allegiance

Michael Katich sang America the Beautiful accompanied

by the members.

President Steven T. started off the meeting with introductions

of new club members, Chuck and The Stevens.

March birthdays : Dana, Andrew, Pete, and Debbie. All

received a 1955 Roosevelt silver dime.

Rick S. read the Secretary’s report of last month’s meeting.

Tracy read the clubs financial report. Also a Super Raffle of

a Gold coin was discussed with the members , receiving

many good comments and thoughts between the members and

the Board. Further discussion will be conducted at the next

Board meeting on April 7 .th

Al O. spoke of the next Holiday dinner in Dec. being catered

from a Local Spanish restaurant and having it here at the club.

7:25pm Inge T. started off the 50/50. Winner : Rich Schemitsch with


Bill Highfield was awarded a Silver Eagle from the Valentin

Door Prize.

7:30pm Al O. started off the Swap meet.

8:05pm Swap meet ended. Al. L and Kurt M. started off the Silver

Eagle/Bullion coin and Peace Dollar raffle.

8:15pm Raffle ended and meeting was adjourned.