Northdale Recreation Center Remains Closed

As of 3/18/21 the Northdale Recreation Center remains closed to group gatherings. The rec center was unable to give us a timeline on when we would be able to resume club meetings at their location. We are currently exploring other options and locations to resume club meetings in the coming months. 

Options include potentially the Coinacopia building owned by director Richard S.. The directors are also reaching out to other venues for hosting meetings. If any member knows of a centrally located space similar to the rec center we could move the club to please reach out to a director.  Additional thoughts and imputes in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

Exploration of New Coin Show Venue Has Also Resumed

We have also begun the process of finding a venue to host our coin club shows at. As you all probably know our old venue (Big Top) has been torn down. 

More Updates Soon To Come

We look forward to resuming our momentum we had prior to COVID. 

Please reach out to a director with with any input or comment.