New Meting Location

St Clement’s Episcopal Church

706 W 113th Ave

Tampa, FL 33612

This move is currently temporary as the clubs regular meeting place is still closed. 

Agenda For The Meeting

  • Doors Open For Set Up and Socializing 6:30pm
  • Meeting Begins 7:00pm
  • Meeting Topics, include Q&A, outline of club plans, info about our new show, club formalities, club business, and new Spanish American War Medal by TBCC. 
  • Raffle, 50/50, and door prize
  • From end of meeting till 9:00pm clean up, social, and swap
  • Unfortunately no auction this meeting (Auctions Return August 10th)

Why June 29th

As I’m sure you can tell this meeting is not on our usual 2nd Tuesday and here is why. The second Tuesday of July is Fun show week and the 4th of July week and we did not want our meeting to conflict. Beginning in August our meetings will return to the second Tuesday

Upcoming Meeting Schedule

June 29th, No July Meeting, August 10th, ….

Why the New Location

The Northdale Recreation Center which is managed by Hillsborough County is still not open and its reopening is not currently planed or scheduled. 

The BOD have been working dilligently to find safe, available, and centrally located space to move our meetings to.  We believe we have found it in the recreation room of St Clements Church in Tampa.  The Church is centrally located near Florida Ave and Fowler Ave. 

Help We Need From You

If you are reeding this please help spread the news of the club restarting. 

One thought on “Return of Meetings Finally Here!”

  1. Very glad to see that meetings will be resuming soon. Joshua is also excited about the resumption of meetings.
    Jim Fritz and Joshua Sosdorf

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